PraeGlobal Education was established to enable people to develop themselves in a certain field, learn something and go to a certain region or country to make a career.

PraeGlobal Education aims to help our customers produce unique, need-oriented, dynamic, innovative and effective solutions in order to achieve their goals in the individual and corporate fields. We create the content of each training we provide with our training experts who are competent and knowledgeable in their fields, according to the corporate culture, structure and audience.

Since we are aware that the efficiency and effectiveness of the institution cannot be increased by ignoring the human factor, we are proud to serve our country with the aim of making the best use of both the institutions and the human resources of our country, increasing the number of qualified workforce and strengthening the ties of the individual with the institution through trainings.

You can get information about Foreign Language Education and Academic Programs within the scope of our “Free Education Abroad Counseling” program, and with the help of our expert academic staff, you can choose the most suitable program for you in every respect. With the difference of PraeGlobal Education, you can be one of the happy students studying abroad.

We wish success to everyone who invests in education with our sincere wishes.